Wolverine Movie Trailer Leaked

wolverineHugh Jackman is Logan / Wolverine again in a prequel spin-off X-Men movie. The movie X-men Origins Wolverine should be released in May 2009.

The Wolverine trailer shown at Comic Con has leaked on the web, here it is:

Update: A bootleg version of the Wolverine trailer shown in front of The Day the Earth Stood Still is available at –> X-Men Origins Wolverine Bootleg Trailer

Wolverine Trailer Bootleg

Witness the origin!


The Wolverine movie will blow us way for sure: it’s gonna be full of action! Wolverine is no hero for kids: he is an ambivalent hero whose deep character will captivate a more mature public.

Here some screen caps of the movie Wolverine made by Marvel Universe 616:
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Logan / Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and Victor Creed / Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber)

Troye Sivan as the young Logan

Kevin Durand as Frederick J. Dukes / The Blob

Will.i.am as John Wraith / Kestrel and Daniel Henney as Maverick

Emma Frost

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson / Deadpool

Taylor Kitsch as Remy LeBeau / Gambit

Who is you favorite character in the upcoming Wolverine movie?

33 Responses - “Wolverine Movie Trailer Leaked”

  1. Anonymous

    OHHHHH SHIT looks dope

  2. jim

    Wolverine looks awesome but Gambit looks bad ass!

  3. Joe D

    Meh. Despite the poor video quality it was a shallow and unimpressive trailer.

  4. Juliee

    gambit looks bad ass because he is bad ass. yay he’s my favorite character and no whe is in the movie wooooh!

  5. the intelligentleman

    Looks equal parts okay and gay.

    I’d guess it’ll be somewhere between
    X2 (pretty decent) and X3 (lame) in quality,
    (6/10 range). The biggest problem with
    these movies tends to be pointless revision
    of classic stories based on who’s popular
    (Gambit can fuck right off when it comes to
    Logan’s origin) that neither add to the story
    nor entertain audiences.

    An 85/15 split of (overdone hollywood action)
    style/substance just doesn’t cut it.

  6. Chris

    Deadpool with no mask? blob looking cheesy as hell and will i am? EPIC FAIL

  7. wolverine-fan

    i think that the song animals from nickelback reminds me of wolverine ^_^ . i think the movie is going to be SO AWSOME!!!!!!!

  8. Phil

    doesn’t this contradict with Wolverine being surprised to find more mutants in “X-Men”? Plus, it was a shallow and unimpressive trailer. Why Gambit? Why Deadpool?

    I hate hollywood. A lot.

  9. Justin

    The dates are wrong on the caracter – while Deadpool did his time in the Weapon X program, Wolverine was already long gone… But since the advent of the internet, Deadpool has become Marvel’s #1 cult-classic (hence, starting this month, he’s getting his own comic, and at the moment, he’s the greatest popularity enhancing tool for other series’ – hence his appearance in all major crossovers since… 2005).

    As to Gambit – well, along with Wolverine, those are the two “cool” ex-men. Not the clean-cut goody-two-shoes types (Wolverine is the killer, Gambit the thief, both are “morally challenged” at best). His popularity in former X-Men endeavors (animated series, comics since the 80s) has still not worn off an appeals to a huge audience. Involving him in a Weapon X story arc is unnatural, I’ll agree (Sinister/Reavers/etc would be more up his alley), but hey, it can’t be worse than X-Men 3.

    Deadpool is my favorite superhero (?) at the moment, but I don’t think they’ll really make him the fun-loving, pop-culture-reference machine who knows he’s actually in a work of fiction, while brandishing swords, guns and explosives in excessive amounts, and hey, he NEEDS the mask. Gambit is also one I have a warm place for. I sure hope they don’t screw them up too much.

  10. poopman

    well first off why dont they just release the trailer and second what could i excpect from these douch bags who ruined x-men from the get go fun loving yess bad ass no and this movie well be the same gambit lame and the blob looks like mike myers as fat basterd i’ll go see it cuz i love going to the cinema but its gona suck always was gona suck and always well as long as they leave the rights in the hands of people who wouldnt know a good movie if it riped there cloths off

  11. LingLingo

    Give it a shot….it’s a new director, writer, the works….the style looks good….and I think it will be interesting to say how they fit these AMAZINGLY awesome mutants into the fray. I think they will do something akin to this….just a theory, but hey at least I’m optimistic. Basically the folks like Gambit, Deadpool, Blob and such will be put into the Weapon X program because they are like Logan and Vic being that they age slow and are virtually indestructable. they need to add this to these characters as a power to give them weight in future films. unless logan comes BACK to the program and SAVES them in the future/present when deadpool and Gambit are there…I dunno but either way they MUST do something to allow them to be in future films. I LOVE Ryan Reynolds as the choice for Deadpool he can pull it off because, well, dude IS Deadpool personality and looks wise to a Tee. And the kid playing Gambit is a FANTASTIC actor, he is the best actor on the Friday Night Lights series and that says alot because that is a very good and critically acclaimed show. He looks the part, he can act, and I hope they don’t make him too cheesy with a generic accent and more southern. Gambit is my FAVORITE comic character, I own every issue he has ever appeared in, but he would SUCK as a movie character the way he is…..it’s just too outlandish, this looks good though. I’m saying this will be the best of the X series BY FAR….not to mention it appears to be hard pg13 or R, which is a plus. Gambit, Deadpool, Blob, Wolvie, Creed are all timeless characters and probably 90 percent of the best in Marvel PERIOD….Excellent choice.

  12. Steve-O

    I think a few of you are jumping to conclusions a little too quickly…

    I love the fact that Deadpool is getting his due in a marvel movie finally (my favorite character in the Marvel universe) I saw someone who said “Deadpool without a mask”. This however is not true because from what the board said at comic-con Deadpool will be disfigured (though not from cancer as depicted in the comics) and will wear the mask in the movie…pretty boy Ryan Reynolds has got to get his face time in (damn hollywood).

    The only thing im worried about is the vast amount of characters. When you have this many characters in a movie people tend to get disapointed because someone they want to see more of gets only 5-10 minutes of good screen time (as are my worries with Deadpool).

  13. daniel

    okay okay, first of the blob is cheesy, secondly deadpool has had 3 mini series , his crosser over comic which ran for 50+ issues, and the fact that his new series is his second stand alone series, gambit could be explained by the fact that minus his tampering at the hands of sinister he is capable of time travel, deadpool has appeared unmasked many times in the comics, and these movies have also tended to take a lot from the ultimate universe, in which wolverine was the first mutant(i.e. known to the world), the fact remains it will be a cash cow, oh and deadpool is lefield’s shameless rip off of a much better DC character Deathstroke the Terminator(slade wilson), and why is no one mentioning emma frost

  14. mike

    Wait…did I see a young wolverine with blades? Ah god if that is true, they’ve gone bad already.

  15. josh

    young wolverine holy shit gambit omg deadpool f…….g damn that movie is going to be the shit cant wait

  16. Dalf

    “Wait…did I see a young wolverine with blades? Ah god if that is true, they’ve gone bad already.”

    Wolvie actually had bone claws when he was a child, I don’t think they’re going to depict him having an adamantine skeleton from birth.

    As for Deadpool and the mask ordeal, he was a mercenary killing machine long before Weapon X came around, they only seeked to give him a healing factor that would A)Cure his cancer, B)Indept him to them and C) Create another Healing Factor killing machine.

    They’ll probably not delve into Deadpool’s cancer and simply write the disfiguration off as a side effect of the healing factor he was given. And despite the crazy mad ‘Pool fan I am, I’m betting 10-1 he winds up a bad guy who has to get cut down by Wolverine halfway through the movie in such an anti-climatic way. And although that wouldn’t necessarily do him wrong, they will not do the character ANY justice if he doesn’t switch sides mid movie.

    I also don’t really worry about Deapool not being quirpy in his usual humor… else why sign Ryan Reynolds and not some nobody? I mean seriously, when everyone hears the two names together, it brings sheepish grins to faces of fanboys everywhere.

  17. chris

    i think it will be great, these jerks keep crying like babies oohhh my gambit this,my dead pool, that why are they putting them in wolverine boo hoo shut up and watch it its a movie not a damn comic book there are changes that are gonna be made and even in comic books they change characters left and right. any ways it will be great im sure can’t wait for magneto,and first class too. also hope they do x-men 4 and dead pool spin off. keep em coming x-men movie rock. other cool and interesting characters would be prosimian, apocalypse, chamber, husk, sinister, more glob herman, john sublime, and the sentinels, at some point they need omega red, and sauron.

  18. Michael

    This movie seems like it will be better than the whole X-men trilogy. But they are adding characters who were not part of Wolverine’s past before X-men. Like Gambit, Blob, Deadpool and Emma Frost. And making a young Cyclops have a brief cameo is saying that Gambit and Emma Frost are much older than him. Aside from that As long as I don’t leave the theater disappointed then i’ll be happy.

  19. COOLEO

    I just can’t wait for dead pool, ryan reynolds is the perfect character for him honestly and if wolverine beats him i will be pissed cuz they are even fighters throughout everything…if deadpool not considered better. But wolverine is my second favorite and looks like this will be a great movie.

  20. DudeLove

    why is fat bastard in the movie?

  21. mR.iNsAnE

    DAMN! What is wrong with you guys? One guy complained about a kid Logan….it’s called Origins!

    Second, does it really matter if you see Deadpool’s face in the film, I mean, they have to show him without the mask so when he gets burned, cut up, or whatever they are gonna do to him in the film since the cancer route would suck on film, this way the non-comic lovers who go to the film waste to the afternoon away will get why he wears a mask. Besides in all of the 3 x-men films, not a single person wore a mask, like Wolverine!

    And Gambit is just good taste, he is an all around bad ass! Put him in, geeks will go crazy and the true fans will love seeing him without having to debate about why he is in it storywise!

    Go read a Stephen King book if you want details galore, he writes too much detail nowadays…It isn’t that hard folks, this is a comic book film not an epic saga about a revolution in 1673, let loopholes slide and eat your popcorn, have a coke and a smile and shut the F up!

  22. Hater of Douch Bags

    People (and i use that term loosely), quit complaining and get the F*** over it. Stop being geeks. It’s just entertainment, be entertained.

  23. Hater of Douch Bags

    Sorry about: “People (and i use that term loosely)”. What I really meant was stop being pussies.

  24. buddy

    You people are way to critical of this movie. If you went to the trouble of looking this shitty quality but amazing trailer up then you obviously like wolverine but just f**king enjoy the movie or go film your own with the money your mom gives you every week you 40 year old still at home mamas boy.

  25. mR.iNsAnE

    Yo Buddy! I’m not 40, I’m 21 and I live with a cat in my own house, I run my online business which paid for my house… I don’t live with my “moma” and I think your crude perception of individuals to which you know nothing about other than the remarks left on this site is prick-ish to such a degree that it actually makes me see why you still live at home with your mommy.

    You need to leave your harsh and utterly narrow-minded thoughts of other bloggers in that narrow 40 year old brain of yours!

    In fact, you should probably go put of preparation H on those hemorrhoids you developed while you spend every second online saying crack pot things… maybe your moma will put the cream on them for you.

    Grow up and pay her some rent, she birthed you after all! And shut up you jerk!

  26. icepick0987

    You are all geeks. Learn to enjoy Hollywood’s movies.

  27. Tay

    I see alot wrong with this movie. I’ve always like Gambit suave, theivin’ azz lol and him in this movie at this point is really weird i agree, he should have came when beast did. What’s with mini logan with claws? He didn’t have them when he was a kid.. even in the 80’s cartoon they stated he was created and whatever they did messed up his memory. (that’s the secret meetings he and professor were having) I’ve always like Wolverine cause he just don’t give a damn attitude was something us teens (who were teens when the cartoon came out) were getting into with our rebeling stages. anyways… these ppl just need to leave the x-men alone and stop screwing up my good memories..lol.. go finish messing up batman and superman

  28. bloodrippa

    First off, if you all read the origins with Wolverine you see he had bone claws when we was a child and then had then change to the metal claws as you see today, if you all suppose to be comic book lovers you should have known that already but I guess not. Second they but gambit in the movie because it shows the relationship between Gambit and Wolvie even with a young cyke in the movie it’s gonna bounce in the life of wolverine being if you read the Origin he was borne in the late 1800’s. And with Deadpool which if you read his comics didn’t have a mask until his cancer disfigure his face so you gonna see it as well. But over all I think that this is gonna to be a great movie and stop hating and enjoy life.

  29. the Raven speaks

    One word…

  30. Joe Munchy

    Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, excellent! hilarious hahaha *big grin*… Sabretooth, nemesis, cool, different from the first, but still cool… Blob, meh… Emma Frost, don’t know much about her… Gambit, F@#! Yeah! He needed to be in the X-Men movies, but at least they’re introducing him finally… Wolverine, ‘Nuff said :P

  31. Person

    Okay, let’s be serious….It DOES look corny. And I’m not saying that cause I’m ‘hating’, or being a ‘geek’. Yeah, some info may be a little wayward, but that happens on the big screen sometime. We can deal with that.

    I’m talking about the movie itself. From the trailer alone, it seems as though it can be one of those ‘high on action, low on actually good story’, thus failing to capture Logan as he should be. But then again, the X series never did well on story, so can’t compare to that.

    I don’t say, ‘Oh my gawd, that’s my favorite character! Now the movie is awesome!’. No, I look at it as a movie itself…And it has a 50/50 percent chance right about now. Hopefully it’s not bundled with pointless action just to show off the characters. After the Dark Knight, we should all know what a great movie is considered when it comes to showing the characters (with superb acting) well with great story. Let’s not lower our standards for our favorite characters.

    (And if you’re not such a critic on movies..Than just enjoy the darn thing for what it is. Simple as that.)

  32. Brown-Guy

    All you hating can just shut up. Yes i know it is going off the original story, but hey why not. If it did not there would be no point for all would know what is going on. I am surprised at the route they took though. They did incorporate some information that was only speculation for the comic series. i shall not name it because its a massive spoiler. i am not much of a gambit fan, but all the charactors look good except blob…i agree he is a fat basterd look alike

  33. monica

    Hugh Jackman i love you you dear!