Wolverine Preview Clips

The BLOB - Wolverine MovieAs the wait for the official release of X-Men Origins Wolverine is reaching its end here some more Wolverine preview clips to ready yourself for this great flick:

Wolverine Movie

Where you want him
Logan wants to talk to the blob.

The role of the fatty Blob is played by Actor Kevin Durand: no worry he didn’t eat tons of hamburgers to fit in the Blob’s oversized pants. That’s a disguise.

You may watch more clips of Wolverine after the jump:

Show’s over
Sabretooth pays a visit to the Beak

What’s you plan?
Logan wants some answers from Striker

I’m coming for you
Wolverine tells Stryker he will come for him after he destroyed the helicopter.

Fred Dukes
Bob does not like to be called blob…

Are you Remy Lebeau?
Wolverine talks to the Cajun mutant Gambit.

Hugh Jackman is really great as Logan aka Wolverine, but we don’t feel enough that Wolverine is angry… And Wolverine is ALWAYS angry in Marvel’s comic books!

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