X-Men Origins Wolverine Bootleg Trailer

Hugh Jackman as Logan aka Wolverine - Wolverine MovieThere is a new Wolverine trailer in front of Keanu Reeves’ Earth Stood Still. A valorous fellow fans just leaked online a bootleg Wolverine movie trailer:

Wolverine Trailer Leaked

X Men Origins Wolverine

On May 1st
witness the origin


I really hope they will spend some time on Logan’s childhood. I wonder if they will stick to the comic book concerning his origin. The addition of Gambit so early in Wolverine’s life, even if not really respecting the time line of the Marvel comic universe, is a good sign for the fans who are craving to see a Gambit spin-off movie.

The Wolverine movie will be released on May 1st, 2009. I bet throngs are going to queue in front of theaters to see the adamantium hero!

5 Responses - “X-Men Origins Wolverine Bootleg Trailer”

  1. Gambler

    this will be awesome. i hope gambit has a big role in this one.

  2. Emma

    Gambit and Rogue are my favourite x-men pairing – so I’m sad the film makers scrapped that, but on the other hand, it totally kicks ass that Gambit get a chunk of this movie! (Come on Gambit spin off!)

  3. cb

    I love gambit and rogue as well and I’m happy to tell you that my boyfriend was reading up on the movie in a movie mag the other day and it said they’re gonna show rogue and gambit meet… Don’t know what way that’s going to work bcecause of x3 but it’s still very intriguing!!

  4. frank

    I saw the leaked version of the wolverine movie…

    was good, but not great.

    a few spoilers:

    1. wolverine actually had claws before the experiment, they were made of bone.

    2. gambits role in movie was small, not that interesting.

    3. Patrick Stewart shows up at very end showing how the x-men probably first started

    4. you know, that sabertooth cant die, even though he ‘pretends’ to kill his girlfriend.

    5. they show how wolverine and sabertooth fought wars together, but sabertooth enjoyed it too much and eventually ended their friendship even though they are ‘brothers’.

    6. explains how the blob became ‘fat’

    7. introduced a few other mutants that you really didn’t hear about that much if at all in the comic books…

  5. Daimien Light

    i saw the midnight premier of wolverine thursday. those of you who havent seen it, u just dont under stand how sweet it is. oh… and to clarify Cb, no Rogue and Gambit dont meet what so ever