Dragonball Trailer In Front of Max Payne

Dragonball MovieA Dragonball movie based on the famous manga created by Akira Toriyama should be released in April 2009. But so far the Dragonball fan base has been wary that Fox would not respect the spirit of this great manga. Fox is well aware of this negative buzz and tries to keep the lid on. Hardly any real information is getting out.

But according to Coming Soon (here) we may finally have an overview of what to expect thanks to the Dragonball trailer that is expected to be shown in front of the movie Max Payne in mid October.

The trailer of Dragonball will probably be available at Dragonball Trailer at this time.

I really hope that 20th Century Fox and Director James Wong will surprise us with an amazing adaptation of Dragonball. But I am still perplex about Justin Chatwin having the role of Goku…

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  1. Loloz

    Aw, WTH, the trailer does nothing but persuade more over the world to join the boycotts

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