Max Payne

Max Payne Movie Clips

Max Payne is shooting at a Valkyrie.

Two clips of the movie Max Payne have shown up via LatinoReview:

Max Payne Preview Clips

Max Payne vainly tries to hinder a guy from throwing himself out of the window (or is is he thrown out by the Valkyries?)

Max Payne is determined in his quest for revenge!

Those clips are likely to reignite the interest for the movie Max Payne: those clips looks indeed quite appealing. Also,purist may find some relief in the way Director John Moore is handling the Valkyries: like in the videogame, you don’t really know if they are real or not.

Max Payne Live Action Comic The Beginning

Max Payne Movie

If you did not play the video game Max Payne, then you’d better check ths latest max Payne featurette that will give you a better understanding of the movie universe. Check the live-action comic of Max payne here below:

Max Payne Live-Action Comic

The Beginning

Ever hear the legend of the Valkyries?

I could watch a full movie like this! Anyway, the movie Max Payne is getting interesting by now: don’t miss it!

Max Payne Movie International Trailer

Max Payne

Here below the latest international trailer of Max Payne, upcoming movie starring Mark Wahlberg based on the famous game:

Max Payne International Trailer

Many fans are waiting for this film: they enjoyed playing the game Max Payne and expect a lot from the movie. Will John Moore’s vision of Max Payne satisfy this public?

Max Payne Extended Trailer

Max Payne the movie with Mark Wahlberg.

Here below the latest Max Payne extended trailer:

Max Payne Full Length Trailer

They really put the emphasis on the Valkyries in this Max Payne movie: in the game it was just suggested but in this movie adaptation directed by John Moore.

It seems that those mysterious creatures, the Valkyries, are definitely part of the plot of Max payne!

Dragonball Trailer In Front of Max Payne

Dragonball MovieA Dragonball movie based on the famous manga created by Akira Toriyama should be released in April 2009. But so far the Dragonball fan base has been wary that Fox would not respect the spirit of this great manga. Fox is well aware of this negative buzz and tries to keep the lid on. Hardly any real information is getting out.

But according to Coming Soon (here) we may finally have an overview of what to expect thanks to the Dragonball trailer that is expected to be shown in front of the movie Max Payne in mid October.

The trailer of Dragonball will probably be available at Dragonball Trailer at this time.

I really hope that 20th Century Fox and Director James Wong will surprise us with an amazing adaptation of Dragonball. But I am still perplex about Justin Chatwin having the role of Goku…

Max Payne Movie International Posters

Two new international posters of max Payne, the movie adaptation starring Mark Wahlberg of the video game of the same name, have been unveiled:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

Max Payne Poster

Max Payne International Poster

I think Mark Wahlberg is a bit too handsome to be Max Payne. he is clever enough, but not ugly enough… Well, shall be enough though to make a great Max payne movie!

Max Payne Movie Trailer

Max Payne vs Valkyrie

A new Max Payne trailer that slightly differs from the first one is available:

Max Payne Second Trailer

One can but understand that Max Payne (Mark Wahlberg) is pissed off by the loss of such a beautiful wife even years later!

Max Payne Teaser Posters

Max Payne teaser posterTwo teaser posters have been unveiled for the upcoming cinema adaptation of Max Payne. You may check them at:

Max Payne Poster

John Moore is directing this movie based on the famous violent video game. Strange that the quiet Mark Wahlberg has been chosen for the lead role of Max Payne…

Max Payne Promo Pictures

Mark Wahlberg is Max Payne.Max Payne is the upcoming cinema adaptation of the game of the same name. Mark Wahlberg overtakes the role of Max Payne, the NYPD detective.

Promo pictures of the film Max Payne has found a way to the web. You may check them at:

Max Payne Pictures

Mark Wahlberg / Max Payne may have guns in his hands on those promo pictures, but the movie is rated but PG-13 while the game was rated M…

Max Payne the NYPD detective. - Max Payne The Movie:)

Max Payne Trailer

Mark Wahlberg is Max PayneThe trailer of Max Payne has surfaced on the web. You may watch it here below:

More at: Max Payne Trailer

Max Max Payne is an upcoming action movie adapted from the famous video game franchise of the same name. The film is directed by John Moore and is starring Mark Wahlberg as NYPD detective Max Payne.

The movie Max Payne should be released in early October 2008.

Max Payne

Max Payne
Directed by John Moore
Starring Name
Release Date: October 17, 2008

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