Moon Movie with Sam Rockwell

Moon Movie with Sam Rockwell

Looks like we have a hardcore sci fi thriller movie ahead with Moon. The film is directed by Duncan Jones and is starring Sam Rockwell with Kevin Spacey lending his voice to some AI robot. The movie Moon should be released in 2009.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting (here) we have some pictures of the movie Moon with Sam Rockwell:

Moon Trailer

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

“Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter while stranded on the moon for a three-year period.” (Source: IMDb)

It looks dark like the hard core sci-fi movies from the 1970’s and the 1980’s: watching this sci-fi movie will be like going back to my childhood besides going to the Moon!

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  1. steve Howarth


    I’ve got more pictures than you can shake a stick at, but cant release them without production permission. as soon as I have it – I’ll let you know. That ‘space ship’ is actually the moonbase btw. I should know because I made it!! :-)
    and ‘some AI robot’ made that too!
    cant wait for 2009 (march ish)

  2. Teaser Trailer

    Hello Steve,

    Nice to drop by! Would love to see you pictures of the movie Moon indeed!

    Steve Howarth’s job is modelmaking and sculpting for industry, film and television. His last project was the film MOON.
    Have a look to his previous work at:–>Fingertip Fabrications

    Steve, we all wait for your pictures of Moon!

  3. steve Howarth

    If you want to see more pics, which I’m sure have been approved by production, go to Gavin Rothery’s Portfolio –> here. He’s the main man with the designs for Moon. I don’t get as many name checks as I would have liked (like constructing Gerty for example) but Hey, it’s Gav’s site not mine. Click his FOLIO button and then Moon is all there. Downloadable images – but not reproducable without his permission as they have his Logo on each image. Still, enjoy!

  4. Teaser Trailer

    For the reader a direct access to the picture gallery from the movie Moon at Gavin Rothery’s site –> here

    The behind the scenes are well worth seeing and strongly recommend to take time to read the descriptions.

    On Picture 41:

    “Main Corridor Shoot – VFX Supervisor Gavin J. Rothery, Director Duncan Z.H. Jones and 1st AD Mick Ward confer in the main corridor set as a camera magazine is changed after a take. Elements of the Gerty robot can be seen being prepped for the next setup in the background.”

    Steve, you told us you worked on the ‘AI robot’ voiced by Kevin Spacey in Moon, is it the ‘Gerty robot ‘ from pic 41?

    Really thank you for heading us to this site!

  5. Teaser Trailer

    Juts got a reply from Steve, it is indeed the robot Kevin Spacey has lent his voice to:

    “Yes, Gavin Designed it together with Duncan and Bill Pearson MODEL UNIT supervisor, let me get on with the construction, as I was MODELSHOP supervisor. Apart from the big claw on the larger of the two robot arms and parts of two fins that travel in the slots, I made the rest in its entirety. I won’t necessarily get the credit that Bill put forward – there’s always a question mark over the credit issue. Biggest thrill of my life if I get it, biggest disappointment if I don’t. It’s excruciating waiting to find out.”

    Steve Howarth

    Let’s hope that Steve will have the recognition he deserves.

    Really like the overall feel and look of the movie Moon. And I bet Steve’s robot does have its importance in the plot.

  6. steve Howarth

    Thanks! along with all the other stuff that the rest of the guys made, John Lee made the Satellite in your main picture (in a DAY I might add!!) for example. He also made the basic bones of the Large Rover (Ron Hone made the innards), the escape vehicle and corridor on the moonbase set and did a lot of the moonscape with Chris Hayes, and the only spacecraft in the movie at the end. Chris and Bill made all the suits. Chris made a replica JAMMER that John and myself had made, plus elements to the small rovers and Large Rover, which John also did. I made the basic bodies to the small rovers and almost finished Rover1. Made the bulk of the HARVESTER, Bill made the Tracks. I practically dirtied down everything, except the Jammers and the suits I think… oh and the Gerty elements (Production just threw coffee at them – which I think works). I hope the Harvester looks good on screen, I stayed a lot of late nights making sure that looked the part, and its on screen for quite a while. Gerty is my longest screen time to date, every other page of script, Gerty is there. I mean, its Sam’s co-star really! I should have got a separate credit for making that!
    A guy can dream, can’t he? I hope it does do well for all concerned.