Sam Rockwell

Blue Iguana

Blue Iguana
Genre: Comedy/Thriller
Directed by: Hadi Hajaig
Starring: Sam Rockwell, Ben Schwartz, Phoebe Fox, Peter Polycarpou, Peter Ferdinando, Simon Callow, Frances Barber, Amanda Donohoe, Al Weaver
Release Date: August 24, 2018

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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri MovieThree Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Directed by: Martin McDonagh
Starring: Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson, Sam Rockwell, Peter Dinklage, John Hawkes, Abbie Cornish, Caleb Landry Jones, Zeljko Ivanek, Nick Searcy, Clarke Peters, Lucas Hedges
Release Date: TBA 2017

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Mr Right

Mr Right MovieMr Right
Genre: Action/Comedy
Directed by: Paco Cabezas
Starring: Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick, Tim Roth, RZA, Anson Mount, James Ransone, Michael Eklund
Release Date: April 08, 2016

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Don Verdean

Don Verdean MovieDon Verdean
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Jared Hess
Starring: Sam Rockwell, Amy Ryan, Jemaine Clement, Danny McBride, Will Forte
Release Date: December 11, 2015

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Digging for Fire

Digging for Fire MovieDigging for Fire
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Joe Swanberg
Starring: Jake Johnson, Rosemarie Dewitt, Orlando Bloom, Brie Larson, Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick
Release Date:TBA 2015

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Poltergeist MoviePoltergeist
Genre: Horror
Directed by: Gil Kenan
Starring: Sam Rockwell, Jared Harris, Rosemarie DeWitt, Saxon Sharbino, Kyle Catlett, Kennedi Clements, Jane Adams
Release Date: February 13, 2015

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Better Living Through Chemistry

Better Living Through Chemistry MovieBetter Living Through Chemistry
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Directed by: Geoff Moore, David Posamentier
Starring: Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan, Ben Schwartz, Ken Howard, Ray Liotta, Jane Fonda
Release Date: March 14, 2014

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The Way Way Back

The Way Way Back MovieThe Way Way Back
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Nat Faxon, Jim Rash
Starring: Steve Carell, Toni Collette, Allison Janney, AnnaSophia Robb, Sam Rockwell, Maya Rudolph, Amanda Peet, Rob Corddry, Liam James
Release Date: July 05, 2013

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Laggies MovieLaggies
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Directed by: Lynn Shelton
Starring: Keira Knightley, Chloe Grace Moretz, Sam Rockwell
Release Date:TBA 2014

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Cogan’s Trade

Cogan's Trade MovieCogan’s Trade
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Directed by: Andrew Dominik
Starring: Brad Pitt, Sam Rockwell
Release Date:TBA 2012

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Winning Season

Winning Season MovieWinning Season
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: James C. Strouse
Starring: Sam Rockwell, Emma Roberts, Rob Corddry, Shareeka Epps, Emily Rios
Release Date: September 03, 2010

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Betty Anne Waters

Betty Anne Waters MovieBetty Anne Waters
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Tony Goldwyn
Starring: Hilary Swank, Sam Rockwell, Melissa Leo, Minnie Driver, Juliette Lewis, Peter Gallagher
Release Date:TBA 2010

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Everybody's Fine

Everybody's Fine MovieEverybody’s Fine
Genre: Adventure/Comedy/Drama
Directed by: Kirk Jones
Starring: Robert De Niro, Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore, Sam Rockwell
Release Date: December 04, 2009

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Gentlemen Broncos

Gentlemen Broncos MovieGentlemen Broncos
Genre: Comedy/Science-Fiction
Directed by: Jared Hess
Starring: Michael Angarano, Jemaine Clement, Sam Rockwell, Jennifer Coolidge
Release Date: October 30, 2009

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Directed by Hoyt Yeatman
Starring Bill Nighy, Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis, Nicolas Cage, Sam Rockwell, Jon Favreau, Penelope Cruz, Steve Buscemi, Tracy Morgan
Release Date: July, 24, 2009

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Moon Movie with Sam Rockwell

Moon Movie with Sam Rockwell

Looks like we have a hardcore sci fi thriller movie ahead with Moon. The film is directed by Duncan Jones and is starring Sam Rockwell with Kevin Spacey lending his voice to some AI robot. The movie Moon should be released in 2009.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting (here) we have some pictures of the movie Moon with Sam Rockwell:

Moon Trailer

(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

“Astronaut Sam Bell has a quintessentially personal encounter while stranded on the moon for a three-year period.” (Source: IMDb)

It looks dark like the hard core sci-fi movies from the 1970’s and the 1980’s: watching this sci-fi movie will be like going back to my childhood besides going to the Moon!